Tami Mash Tun

Tami Snow

Art and creativity have threaded through Tami's personal and professional life and continue to be a part of her life every day. Her passion for creativity took her into marketing, brand story telling and design, but the hands-on creative process has always remained a driving force in her life, including the process of brewing beer. In college, she paid her way by having weekly keg parties (of course, that was the cheap stuff). After getting out into the working world she discovered all types of beer and learned to brew in the basement of her apartment. At the time, she bonded with her boyfriend over porters and stouts and they eventually fell in love and created         He-brew and She-brew together. (Yes, he is a good Jewish boy.)

Over the years, Tami has worked to build all sorts of lifestyle brands from retail giants, new start-ups and not-for-profits. Her favorite kind of story telling leverages the power for retail to make a positive difference in the world. She thinks life is always better sharing a pint with friends.