Our Love for Dogs - Our Feb Karma Tap Inspiration

If you know anything at all about the Draughtsmen team then you know that the important things in life can be whittled down to a few things – beer, family and friends (not always in that order). This month – the month of love – we wanted to give back to man’s best friends. At Draughtsmen, we are all dog owners and advocates. However, this post is particularly inspired by Sheila, the oldest and wisest of our dog friends.

Every dog has a story – especially when it is a rescue. Chris was looking for a dog and took the route of finding one that he knew needed a home. He roamed the kennels at the humane society, SB County animal center, and DAWG. He did not know what kind of dog specifically but figured he’d know when he saw it. On one search in the kennels, Chris noticed there was a cage separated from the others. Inside this cage was a dog named Betty.

“When I looked at her she stared right back and gave a small “woof” and a curious smile. I took her to the play area, and immediately I knew she was special. Instead of running around, sniffing where all the other dogs had been, Betty just walked right by my side. I sat down on a bench and she rested her head on my lap allowing me easy access to scratch behind her ears. She never stopped looking at me with those smiling curious eyes.” That was it. Betty was the one. However, after bringing her home Chris knew that name just did not fit. She was thought to have some Australian Shepherd in her so she became Sheila! This February 14th, Sheila will be 16 years old.

“I went looking for a dog and found a best friend.”

A little about DAWG, our February Beer Karma Tap Recipient – It is the only no-kill shelter in Santa Barbara since 1991. They have helped 7,600 dogs and counting. They have a state of the art vet clinic on-site and run by the generous support of donations and volunteers.